Pronghorn Antelope Totem Round Handmade Porcelain Pendant

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Each fall, pronghorns migrate more than 100 miles to winter feeding grounds, just as they have for the past 6,000 years. Pronghorns can run at speeds close to 60 miles per hour, making them the fastest land animal in North America. Unlike other ungulates (hoofed animals), a pronghorn's horns point backwards toward the rump. When pronghorns sense danger, they raise their white rump hairs as a warning signal to others in the herd.

The unique making process of these porcelain pendants allows for more detail in designs than other mediums. These designs are fired into the clay at 1200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off. Each piece is surprisingly lightweight.

Approx. Pendant size : 3.1 centimetre in diameter. Weight : 6 grams.

Length of rayon cord : 30 inch / 91.4 cm.

Image copyright UNYKTOUCH (all rights reserved).

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